okay I'm a recent follower of yours and could you explain please the inside jokes/memes you use? ie who or what is 'Gc'


Oh wow. Aha, I’m sorry. Let me see if I can remember them.

  • I’m GC! No, really, that’s my name, e.g. the person who runs this blog. I also go by GC offline. It’s who I am, pronounced according to the Latin alphabet, “gee-sea”.
  • There’s a running joke that I’m actually a goat. Because “nb”/”nonbinary” is a little unwieldy and a lot of jokes call for a single-syllable word, I often use “goat” instead, and I depict myself as a purple goat in a lot of my shitty shoops.
  • "I’m gay for giant robots." That’s from where all of the "giant robots in lingerie ;)" and so forth arise. That’s also the origin of "GayrobotfuCker444", which I was using in the hype leading up to the September-5th lack of trailer.
  • "Ayanami Rei desu and this is jackass!" A combination of my love of "genki Rei" (the alternate universe Rei from episode 26), the beautiful official art of Rei laughing while popping a wheelie on a bicycle, and my eternal quest to procure the six-inch "Rei on a bike" figure. The current goal is to somehow last until New Year’s and purchase it then. Those things are eighty bucks a pop but I will get one … somehow …
  • "Shinji is betamax". Once upon a time on /a/ someone was posting pictures of Evangelion characters associated with types of media format. For instance Rei was “Blu-Ray” (heheh). Shinji received “betamax”. The joke about Shinji being the maximum beta was unexpected and I’ve been laughing good-naturedly at it ever since.
  • "THE FRAGILE SHONJE"/"kanon d dur"/etc. I have a few speciality tags. For instance "kanon d dur" is my tag for EVA kids playing instruments. "THE FRAGILE SHONJE" comes from 
  • I have greentext coded into my blog.
  • There’s another running half-joke that Mari is a giant furry but that’s less of a joke and more of a 100% headcanon (actually, the headcanon is that Mari is catkin).
  • My queue tag is “ikari queuei” because Ikari Yui »» Ayanami Yui.
  • misato3 is my queerplatonic/quasiplatonic partner. Other names you’ll see on here often are arcadia, mint, ingu, etc.

I can’t think of anything else at present, but if I do, I guess I’ll add it?

for the part in 3.33 where kaworu removes the Choker from shinji's neck, i figured fae did so because it would explode if not in contact with someone of trigger status, considering how delicately fae holds it and the fact that it is glowing which i figured means that it could detonate if fae does let go. please correct me if i'm wrong; i found the scene pretty confusing. :)


Hm, that’s an excellent point. I hadn’t considered that. Indeed, there are two main compelling arguments regarding the DSS choker. First, that, as you described, the choker must be in contact with someone of trigger status. Second, that the choker killing Kaworu was necessary for the deactivation of Unit 13 and therefore for Mari being able to get close enough to eject Shinji.

Howevever, this relies on multiple assumptions that it doesn’t seem entirely fair to make. For example, would the choker have “known” that it were around the neck of a trigger (a trigger, for those unaware, is someone capable of causing an Impact; in the original anime, this was limited to Rei and Kaworu)? The choker was programmed to go off if it were tampered with or if it detected angelic power. I admittedly am less familiar with the Rebuild universe since I haven’t seen them as often as I have the anime. But as far as I remember, the choker wasn’t able to detect whether its bearer were of trigger status—after all, if it detected trigger activity, it would explode.

Here’s where it gets tricky: If Kaworu were able to remove the choker with their “angel powers”, then why couldn’t Kaworu have continued to keep it in stasis for a while longer until they could transport the choker to a location where it could be safely detonated? Introducing Kaworu’s ability to remove the choker is equal to the blunder of introducing time travel to the Harry Potter universe. There will never, ever be a satisfying explanation.

I understand, narratively, that it was always Kaworu’s destiny to receive the choker and that the entire sequence is merely Kaworu taking on the burden of the sins that have been suffocating Shinji since the beginning of the film. For fuck’s sake the choker transforms into a crown of CGI thorns at Kaworu’s bloody death. Good job on the religious “symbolism”. Now it’s time to find out whether Asuka caring enough about Shinji to drag Shinji with her at the finale had anything to do with Kaworu dying to absolve Shinji’s sins.

There’s also the secondary point regarding Mari. Kaworu seemed to think that their death would immediately stop the Fourth Impact in its tracks. Indeed, Mari expressed shock and surprise when the Impact continued. No one appeared to be aware that Shinji alone could continue the Impact, so I highly doubt that Kaworu would have foreseen that the Impact would have continued and then that someone would have to  get Shinji out. Otherwise Kaworu would have ejected Shinji first and then died. Yes? No? Am I making things up here?

I suppose at some point that we simply have to “accept” the lack of logic re: the choker because ultimately it’s all part of the emotional clockwork of Evangelion. Yet whereas that could slide in the original anime, the New Theatricals just don’t carry the emotional weight involved for us to be able to handwave it. Does anyone have a different take on the matter?


listen up I might have shit taste in Japanese cartoons but my taste is not that shitty

I’m absolutely gay for symbolism and I will sit here ranting for five million years about symbolism and artistic effects and visuals but all of those require some sort of base under them. if you’re going to animate pretty shots with meaningless “symbolism”, fine, but don’t sit around trying to claim that they’re in any way shape or form meaningful. or that they advance the thesis of the story. symbolism has to be worth something. what’s the thesis of Monogatari? vampires can get every girl on the block, including their own sister? beyond “pretty fodder” for MADs/AMVs I fail to understand if any of the visuals of Monogatari are meaningful at all

and that’s not even touching the aforementioned blatant sexualisation of underage girls including several “loli” characters like please

there are some tumblr users whom I very much respect who enjoy Monogatari (such as marisuka who is consistently one of the best users on this entire website) and I wish them nothing but peace and happiness

but the vast majority of the Monogatari fandom is utter fuckboy trash, much like the Evangelion fandom. at least Evangelion has something to say. Monogatari is little more than pretentious pretty fanservice. oi, that reminds of Rebellion. hm, SHAFT, do tell, how DEEPly can your characters tilt their heads?

new ask meme: false eyelashes

Misato Q's pilot glasses.


You come into my house, you shit on my fiancée, on this, the day of my wedding?

Misato Q’s pilot glasses are literally one of about three Completely Perfect things in the Rebuilds, the other two being Kaworu’s lower eyelashes and Ritsuko Q’s haircut.



My sides have flown into fucking orbit. Where do I even begin.

Warnings for misogyny, 4chan-typical language, and profanity under the cut.

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yea uh chibisailor linked us [this] and fiendswithbenefits requested that I draw it with asuka and mari so this is what happened


(also yes, Asuka is wearing shorts and shoes over her plugsuit. Mari is in a Hello Kitty kigurumi.)

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i saw the intro to ur fan gayme and i wanna know. was that a homestuck reference. did u make a homestuck reference.


Actually it’s a reference to old-school text adventures, which is probably to what Homestuck was referring. Before my transfer to the English-speaking part of the internet, I mostly hung out on the Russian, where text adventures were All The Rage.

Hm, thinking about Homestuck, though, Rei and Kaworu are Prospit dreamres whilst Shinji and Asuka are Derse. Rei’s a Mage of Heart; Asuka’s a Sylph of Void; Kaworu’s a Seer of Life; Shinji’s a Maid of Hope. However, they spend most of Evangelion ghosting their inverse roles (e.g. being at their lowest low) of an Heir of Mind, Prince of Light, Witch of Doom, and Bard of Rage, respectively.

If you’re curious about my choices or have suggestions, I could elaborate. o: Maybe I’ll make a celebratory analysis when the gigapause is over.


asurei = good


asurei = good

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: One Gifset Per Episode
↳Episode 04  - 雨、逃げ出した後 | Hedgehog’s Dilemma

The “Hedgehog’s Dilemma.”. The closer we become, the more deeply we hurt each other. Now I understand. That boy… He can’t let others know how he feels in any other way.

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