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I apologise for not quite remembering, but were you the anon asking about vae/vaer pronouns? I apologise for thinking that you were rude. Just, mm, a general sort of thing: my knee-jerk reaction when people say “What the fuck is ‘x thing about transness’?” is to worry that they’re snapping out of disbelief and indignance, like someone asking, “What the fuck is a ‘Justin Bieber fan convention’?”

I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions. I’ve given the analogy for microaggressions before, haven’t I? Imagine that you had a small yet noticeable stain on your shirt and that all morning people had made fun of you, given you dirty looks, sneered in your direction, and so forth simply because of an inconsequential stain on your shirt. Now, imagine that you come home, and your friend asks, “What’s up with your shirt?” Your friend doesn’t speak with any malice or any intention to hurt you; your friend is genuinely curious. But after hours of hearing complete strangers and coworkers/classmates alike snap at you for something so meaningless, your knee-jerk reaction is to think that your friend, too, is being aggressive. Does that make sense?

So it is here. I’m used to getting stepped on and kicked around for trans matters. When I noticed your message and the curse word in it (I don’t care about cursing at all and do so myself quite often as my followers know), I feared that your question might not have been genuine. That you might not have been coming from an open-minded place, ready to consider the issue and perhaps learn! I hope that I could help you, though.


matching icons for you and your girlfriend

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tagged: #[ritsuko voice] you know what misato? #[misato pours her another drink] #[ritsuko voice] n-never mind #okay but imagine ritsuko and misato playing the never have i ever game and just #increasingly related more and more specific instances to one another to get the other to lose #until ritusko is saying things like NEVER HAD I EVER WOKEN UP ALL OF NERV IN TH EMIDDLE OF THE NIGHT #BECAUSE SHINJI WAS TEMPORARILY MISSING AND I COULDN'T FIND HIM #ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT HE'D ACCIDENTALLY FALLEN ASLEEP ON THE FUTON AND YOU DIDN'T THINK TO CHECK THE BLANKET #and they go back and forth and then suddenly misato's like yeah well #never have i ever stayed up with my girlfriend for an entire night holding her hair and bringing her water and helping her over her hangover #and kising her even when her breath smelled like liquor and throw-up #and tucking her into bed - ah heckie what am i talking about i love you ritz-chan #(im sorry for being gay) #alcohol mention cw #in the tags #capslock cruise control #you know I don't really comment on the animation of eva too often #OKAY THAT'S A LIE OF COURSE I DO #but i really love how they drew all of the lower eyelashes which is something you don't see in a lot of animation design now #there are some excellent character design motifs happening now ofc but i really love lower eyelashes and i mourn their passing #though recently they've been making a comeback w #retabrised #visual confirmation #eva #ritsuko #THE RITZ #the babe #scopophobia cw #gif
As a tag ranter myself i always read your tags because theyre so great and i SAW YOUR LITTLE HEADCANON ABOUT KAWOSHIN sexytimes [or rather, non-sexytimes ya feel] and it just made me really think that Kaworu is asexual because it made me feel even more attached to (would it be fae here? I have yet to fully learn all these pronouns ahhhh im trash) and i just love Kaworu even more now and Shinji as well i can def see Shinji being super understanding about it ur headcanons are so rad d ang

Ah gosh thank you so much and I’m so sorry for responding late ahh I’m the trash one here, not you. But yep yep I definitely see Kaworu as asexual and not quite really enjoying sex (as opposed to, say, Mari, whom I headcanon as asexual but who enjoys sex because of vaer partners’ responses and so on) to a point of being indifferent if not repulsed.

I think that Shinji would be fairly confused at first but would become understanding with time, as Kaworu explained faer feelings. Kaworu would still enjoy Shinji’s pleasure because when Shinji’s happy, fae’s happy. Fae might on occasion even hold Shinji when faer dear datefriend took care of, ahem, natural needs.

Imagine Kaworu considering what to get Shinji on a birthday! There are the obvious things like sheet music or those catgut cello strings that Shinji’s been eyeing, or maybe a new telescope for stargazing (or even that new guide on astronomy that just came out with an updated list of newly discovered stars and meteors and all that jazz!). But fae pauses and wonders if maybe fae should step into Shinji’s shoes (pants not tucked in, of course) and think about what an Allosexual would want.

Fae asks Mari who gives faer a massive list of sex toys for Shinji (as a joke, of course, and she expects faer to know that vae’s joking, but apparently she underestimated Kaworu’s trust in vaer). Fortunately Kaworu also asks Misato to glance over the list. And Misato sort of

and then offers Kaworu a suggestion: tickets to a show at a planetarium. Shinji enjoys that immensely and by the time they’re walking home, holding hands, Shinji can’t stop grinning. Can’t stop thanking Kaworu over and over again.

Kaworu’s overjoyed too. The next morning Misato receives a massive call of warm thank-you. Fae’ll never really Get these allosexuals, but maybe fae and Shinji are not so different after all, y’know?

And thank you so much for reading my tags, oh gosh. I really do rant a lot in them, don’t I?

By the way, quick pronoun crash course:

  • She loves reading her favourite books. That book is hers; give this book to her.”
  • Fae loves reading faer favourite books. That book is faers; give this back to faer.”

And you don’t have to go with my headcanons, ahh!

in which gc and arcadia discuss penpen

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i absolutely adored how your falling for EVA read a lot like discovering a religion. (i'm also really excited to find that you're watching Utena bc I love that and I can't wait to see any analysis you might come up with. i'm really really excited in a way that 140 words can't convey)

(Oh my goodness sorry for the extremely late response r.i.p. me.)

Anyway, actually, now that I think about it, my falling for Evangelion is very religion-esque. Huh. I never considered it that way. But, and I apologise sincerely if this sounds offensive, I suppose that Evangelion has touched me in a way that religions can touch others who were in my position (e.g. ready to give the world up).

I really want to analyse Utena and I’m already rewatching it! I would love to analyse and rip it apart, though I kind of want to finish analysing Evangelion first. If that’s even possible. I don’t think I’ll ever reach the end of the rabbit-hole.


そのに by ながよしえいきち


そのに by ながよしえいきち

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tagged: #so after the happy ending of nge2 #and kaworu is released from the clutches of seele #fae finally starts to grow faer hair out and wearing bows in faer hair #and perusing faer dreams of becoming a makeup artist! #and shinji doesn’t say anything but becomes increasingly worried about ‘his’ ‘boyfriend’ #and then one day kaworu just shows up to school in the female uniform #(fae asked hikari and even though hikari is a little bit uncertain about the existence of nb individuals she understands being transfeminine #since she’s a dmab trans girl herself! (later on she realises that she’s femme-genderfluid) #and shinJI IS FREAKING out because what the heck is ‘his’ ‘boyfriend’ doing! #and then kaworu says ‘what’s a boy?’ #and shinji is like U: U: U: ??? #and kaworu and shinji do a bunch of research on gender and transness #and suddenly one day while kaworu is practising applying makeup to shinji shinji is reading an article about being Uncomfortable with masculinity and the transfemme epiphany #and suddenly shinji just sort of goes ‘oh’ #asuka practically hime carries shinji off to help ‘him’ pick a preferred pronoun #shinji is really Unsure about all of this until rei shows up and offers ‘him’ the sie/hir pronoun set #and a few days later sie quietly asks hikari for a feminine uniform too #and kaworu and rei are so proud and just whisper ‘I love you’ over and over again to hir #and even asuka nudges hir shoulder (ok she punches hir) and says ‘looks like you weren’t a baka about this’ #feminine shinji #faeworu #neon gender Evangelion #kawoshin #kaworu #shinji #pda cw #eva #retabrised #ace space antichrist

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